Holy Smoke!

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Batman’s in London. The latest issue of Batman has him visiting the city for the first time. And of course it’s bloody raining.

But hang on a minute…there’s something odd going on here.

Isn’t Batman currently at the O2 in a big ‘na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na’ bat-bombs and bungee-jumps-type multi-media show? And now DC Comics suddenly have Batman in London? And the BBC have been duped into reporting on it?

Call me an old cynic but I smell a big PR push here. It seems even comics aren’t immune to flogging stuff surreptitiously…

One comment on “Holy Smoke!”

  1. They’d be better off giving a promo hike to the rather fun Knight and Squire mini-series by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton, which is about a rather very English Batman and Robin team. ^___________^

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