The Glamour Of Hammer Returns

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I worked on the rebrand of Hammer a few years back – their new logo was designed by my pal Graham Humphries, who you’ll find elsewhere on this site. Every time Hammer got sold, the new owners promised to restart film production and never did; they were after the back catalogue of classic films, but when they found the copyright mess they were facing they lost interest.

Now Simon Oakes, the new MD, seems to be actually making good his promise, with ‘Let Me In’, the unnecessary but strong remake of ‘Let The Right One In’ (shame they lost the Morrissey reference), New York-set ‘The Resident’ and ‘The Woman In Black’, based on the long-running stage play.

It would be wonderful to see the full return of the Hammer factory – but that would take a small studio and a regular team of craftspeople like the one that has developed at Ealing Studios. The downside of this approach is that you can easily end up doing only one thing – Ealing seems locked into stuffy Oscar Wilde reboots, and they’re about to run out of material.

So Hammer, it’s good to have you back. More British horror please, but you just missed ‘Hell Train’, my ‘Hammer’-style movie, which is just about to be optioned elsewhere. More news on this to follow…

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    The calligrapher in me loves that logo

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