Lantern Jack

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I didn’t grow up with Halloween – it seems to have been imported into England some time in the late seventies but hey, pumpkin ravioli works for me. When the Independent On Sunday asked me to write them a spooky Hallowe’en story I realised the only spooky thing I knew about Halloween was the movie of the same name. Being ‘inner city’, if you see kids going up to strangers’ houses, you call the cops.

I wanted to call my story ‘Rupert Pumpkin’ but thought the Scorsese reference might be a bit obscure. So, ‘Lantern Jack’ will appear in the Independent On Sunday’s Halloween edition, and collectors can be assured that it will feature in my upcoming collection too.

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    Thereby adding to the proliferation of Hallowe’en stuff through the British Isles. Mind you, I think the church was probably grateful to Guy Fawkes for his activities which provided a grand patriotic outpouring of parades, bonfires, roast potatoes, and fireworks and erase the pagan activities just before All Saints’ Day.

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