London’s Stupidest Street Furniture


My photo shows the corner of Hastings Street, which features no less than eight bits of street furniture in a six-foot space on a corner where hardly any traffic is ever seen, including;
2 CCTV cameras
3 Bollards
2 One Way Signs
1 Two Way Sign (with another sign attached to other side)
Just out of shot is one dead-battery recycling bucket (attached to yet another lamp-post) that presumably only contains a few fag-ends, as nobody passing it is very likely to remember its location and arrange to pass it another time with a pocketful of dead batteries.

At the moment, Westminster Council is considering getting rid of all red phone boxes. Actually, they could remove all such boxes everywhere now that everyone has access to a mobile, and only drunks use them as urinals or pimps treat them as hoardings for call-girl cards. Once, the whole of London was colour-coded black and white for traffic furniture. Now there are thousands of poles in every colour imaginable featuring pointless signs nobody ever looks at.

The revamped Oxford Circus has proven that less street furniture looks and works better. Now if they could just rid of the poles and remove the thousands of miles of railings that hem in London’s pedestrians…

3 comments on “London’s Stupidest Street Furniture”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    I’m particularly with you on that last item. Those railings would be absolutely deadly in any emergency situation. I keep imagining a crowd of people in a panic trying to get across a street and all the weaker types, the kids, mothers with babies and polite little old men being squashed against the rails, the slightly taller among them being impaled on the spikes. (The little old ladies would have no problem because they’d just lash out with their brollies and walker frames and clear their own path.)

  2. Harry Fields says:

    I think overtime, the amount of street furniture on the streets of London has got out of hand… Is half of it needed? Unlikely. Will we continue to see the insertion of more ridiculously uneccessary street furniture to use up the quarterly budget allowance? Most probably!

  3. Gemma Wright says:

    Well, if the government doesn’t know that our road taxes are suppose to be used to fill in pot holes then how on earth would they know how to furbish our streets correctly? Everywhere you look it’s just wasted money.

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