British Character Actors No.12 – Terence Alexander

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I always imagine this guy with a handlebar moustache, turning up in films as a pilot, a good chap in a crisis.

Terence Alexander many appearances on stage, screen and radio (although as a supporting rather than a leading player). He built a line of beguiling rogues, upper-class charmers, and, occasionally, twits. “Some directors see me as an idiot,” he reflected, “some as a villain, so I’ve always had a range of some sort to fall back on.”

He was in many West End comedies and farces, including Fringe Benefits and Alan Bennett’s Habeas Corpus.
Alexander’s numerous films included the comedies The Square Peg (1958), with Norman Wisdom, and Carry On Regardless (1961). He also appeared in the epic Waterloo (1970) and the thriller The Day Of The Jackal (1974). But probably his best film role was as an ex-officer turned bank robber in the comedy adventure The League Of Gentlemen (1960). He recently died, aged 86.

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  1. mikenicholson says:

    . . . and about a thousand episodes of ‘Bergerac’, playing self-made rogue and local Jersey bigwig ‘Charlie Hungerford’.

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