Monthly Archives: September 2010

No-Tourist London No.1

I’m always amazed that there are parts of London few tourists get to. Leadenhall Market goes right back to the first century, when a basilica and forum existed on the site. We know the site was acquired by Dick Whittington, and survived the Great Fire in 1666, when it was first covered in. It was […]

Growing Up Too Fast

One of the comments on this site talked about feeling disconcerted by the sight of a 10 year-old boy singing overtly sexualised lyrics on TV. With the Second World War’s 70th anniversary documentaries filling our TV screens at the moment, I was thinking about how the dislocative effects of the war changed children’s lives across […]

Re:View – ‘Enter The Void’

The Hidden Cost Of The City

There’s an insane amount of stuff going on in London in the autumn; pick any area from fashion to sport, art to literature, history, theatre, festivals, gigs, food and parties and it’s all here – but how much does it all add up to? You can easily wipe out your budget if you’re not careful. […]

Least Apposite Use Of The Word ‘Euro’

Taken outside a workman’s cafe quite a long way from the Eurostar terminal…

Seeing Music 2

Films can be saved by music. Try watching the opening sequence of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ with the sound off – it’s like seeing someone’s terrible home movies. But with the John Barry score in place, it’s transformed to something special. This year, the excellent score to ‘Inception’ lifted the visual elements and showed […]

Seeing Music

Some days music makes me so excited I just want to run about taking bites out of the world – replaying ‘The Choral Links’ while walking over Waterloo Bridge at sunset filled me with excitement the other night – why is it that some of us are electrified by music and others untouched? I’m trying […]

Haunted London

I’ll be doing a Gothic Night in London at the London Metropolitan Archives on October 29th this year – the archives are an astonishing resource for anyone interested in this city, and contain everything from the law court rolls – literally, parchment rolls containing the law cases of London – to maps showing where bombs […]

The Unseen Bryant & May

Check out the book cover and you’ll find me on the trigger of the gun. The excellent Martin Edwards (check out his Crippen novel ‘Dancing For The Hangman’) has edited this collection of Crime Writers’ Association authors (of which I am proudly a member), and I’ve finally done something I’ve threatened to do for ages […]

Re:View ‘Made In Dagenham’

* * * * The subject seems almost wilfully designed to put audiences off; the story of a British car factory strike in the sixties. Worse, it’s made by the director of ‘Calendar Girls’, probably my least favourite film ever. A pleasure and a surprise to report, then, that ‘Made In Dagenham’ is a winning, […]