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London, Observatory

Londoners tend to think of themselves as hard cases who don’t breathe what they can’t see, but in case the skies clear long enough to actually take a walk, how about a 150 mile stroll around the entire city?

The London Loop is a circular trail that’s easy to reach by public transport, and can be walked in 24 segments. The tree-lined corridor of woodland greenery was created in the mid-1990s, but nobody I know seems to have heard of it. There’s a half-mile gap in it, where the river bisects the loop without a crossing point, but every circle has to start somewhere.

I have no intention whatsoever of looping the loop (a popular autumn pastime, apparently). I just thought you should know.

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  1. M@ says:

    Oh but you should. It’s marvellous. A real mix of countryside and run-down industrial estate. A good stretch to start on is Enfield Lock to Chigwell. Real diversity and some lovely woodlands. Kingston to Hatton Cross is also very pleasant.

  2. Andy says:


    Ah yes, the London Outer Orbital Path. Done Croydon bits of it, and its cousin the Vanguard Way.

    Incidentally, picked up the new Subterranean London book the other day with your foreword in it.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Sounds like a pleasant way to celebrate the autumnal season. Perhaps I should try the Skytrain walkway, a walking and biking trail under our elevated trainway. Parts of it now have community gardens and it certainly goes through some interesting areas.

  4. Chris Veitch says:

    – does this refer to Anthony Clayton’s “Subterranean City”? And if so, can anyone direct me to a site which has a reasonably detailed description of what’s in it? It sounds very interesting…

  5. Chris Veitch says:

    Hmmm. I’d tried to quote Andy’s comment but the original text disappeared somewhere. Apologies.

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