No-Tourist London No.1


I’m always amazed that there are parts of London few tourists get to. Leadenhall Market goes right back to the first century, when a basilica and forum existed on the site. We know the site was acquired by Dick Whittington, and survived the Great Fire in 1666, when it was first covered in. It was also the only place in London where you could buy cutlery.

But although it remains popular with city types and is often very busy in the evenings, relatively few tourists seem to get there, although the Harry Potter effect is starting to bring in fans of the films (it’s been used for scenes that created Potter’s magical world). But the general lack of tourists is probably because, although it is very near St Paul’s, it’s a bugger to actually find. Now that Covent Garden has become a tourist hellhole, it’s particularly nice to come here at Christmas for a drink with friends.

3 comments on “No-Tourist London No.1”

  1. M@ says:

    Love this place. If you go down to the basement of the hairdressers at the western end, you can see a section of the old Roman basilica – sometimes said to be the largest building of Roman times north of the Alps.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Right, we didn’t find it. Found the Transport Museum (of course) and I had a very pleasant hour or so eating cupcakes, listening to music from below, sketching the architecture and watching passersby at Covent Garden while the husband ‘did’ trains. I suppose I just added to the hellholishness of the place

  3. Nikki-ann says:

    Might just see if I can find this on Tuesday then!

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