Jason Does New York

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British photographer Jason Hawkes has featured on this blog before, but now he’s done the same thing he did with New York. For some reason the results are less impressive than I thought they would be – I think it’s because he couldn’t fly as low as he did over London, so you lose the sense of intimacy and connectivity. Still gorgeous shots, though, here.

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  1. Porl says:

    you might previously have touched on this in the past when you’ve cited “Roofworld” but one of my favourite sites on the web is the forum of urban explorers http://www.28dayslater.co.uk, especially their location reports of “High Stuff” accompanied by some equally stunning photography.

    See here for an example of stunning shots taken from London’s Heron Tower:


  2. Helen Martin says:

    The Lady Liberty shot is very impressive and the Newark Airport. Odd to do Newark (which is New Jersey) and no borough other than Manhatten. He’s a great photographer.

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