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Some interesting comments on the post about working with music (see ‘Words & Music’). I used to play classical music while I worked, but the sound range of much classical is too wide to allow concentration, sweeping from very small moments to distractingly gigantic ones. In an odd way, the limited palette of modern pop, house and chillout seems to work better – you can play whole files without distraction and just soak up the general ambient mood.

Chicane, Royksopp, De-Phazz, Mr Untel, Bardot State, Rob Dougan, Laroca, Kinobe, Zero 7, Sigur Ros and Air all seem to work, but film soundtracks are really the best. Hans Zimmer’s score for ‘Inception’ and the beautiful soundtrack to ‘The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus’ fit the bill nicely at the moment.

Mainly because I worked in the film industry for so long, I collected thousands of rare and forgotten film tracks, filed in boxes and gradually transferred to a battery of iPods. Baz Lurmann gave me a soundtrack of found music for the score of ‘Strictly Ballroom’ that he never used, and many film composers were provided with temp tracks that made their way onto my playlist. I can pretty much be tested on these – if there’s a particularly esoteric score you’re seeking, I may be able to help!

Chicane, a band that produces an album once in a blue moon, is one of a handful of bands that remain entirely consistent in their sound, and this video is a nice little comment on the work/life balance. I’m uploading this in a larger size, so set screen to maximum.


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