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The Spanish film industry seems to go from strength to strength, producing great stars and directors – now first-time director Rodrigo Cortes gets a Hollywood movie that has been instantly propelled into the Hitchcock pantheon.

How did he do it? By making the ultimate ‘precinct’ movie (a film set within a confined space). Ryan Reynolds is a contractor working for a private US company rebuilding Iraq (a country, it’s clearly pointed out, that his country helped destroy). He’s a decent guy doing a tough job, but is about to become a pawn in the war game – a game neither side can win.

Attacked and knocked out, he awakes in a coffin only slightly larger than his own body, buried under the desert. What happens next evolves pretty much in real time, but thanks to Reynolds’ committed performance and the director’s astonishing ability to keep the film visually interesting and the tension almost unbearable, they’ve created a bona-fide suspense classic.

Having said that, I saw it with my partner, who is a bit of a claustrophobe – bad idea. He spent the entire film cowering with his hands over his eyes. ‘Buried’ manages to be thought-provoking, heart-wrenching and terrifying, and you’ll probably have an argument about it afterwards. It’s also one of the ultimate ‘spoiler’ movies, so don’t read more reviews or listen to anyone before you see it. But do see it.

Ryan Reynolds is about to star in Martin Campbell’s ‘The Green Lantern’, but to witness his versatility, check out the wonderfully strange ‘The Nines’.

2 comments on “Re:View – ‘Buried’”

  1. Lou Morgan says:

    Reynolds is a better actor than his choice of roles might lead you to believe. He’s certainly very good in “The Nines” – one of those films that had me scratching my head for ages after it had finished (if only because of that odd little song & dance number…)

  2. vigo says:

    Looking forward to seeing the film you mentioned- sounds interesting.
    Yes, indeed – the Spanish Film Industry goes from strength to strength – and if you listen to this interview you will hear why.
    Such a contrast to our own.

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