Monthly Archives: September 2010

Farewell To The Great Leslie

Bernard Schwartz, aka Tony Curtis, has died peacefully at home aged 85 – possibly the last of the great charming heroes. Curtis starred in more than 140 major movies and was nominated as for an Oscar for his performance in 1958’s “The Defiant Ones” with Sidney Poitier. A witty, self-deprecating man, I remember him best […]

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again (And Again!)

I have a long and happy history with The Rocky Horror Show – I went to the very first night ever, and attended the opening of the sequel in ‘Denton – Home Of Happiness’ fancy dress that won first prize. I got to meet the cast then, and now my whacky pal the genius artist […]

A Writer’s Glamorous Life

It’s not all premieres and parties, oh no. I’m tired, I haven’t spent an evening home in about a month, and tonight I remember I’ve agreed to go and speak to The Write Stuff, a writer’s group in Dartford. I think it’s fair to say that Dartford would not easily spring to mind if you […]

Loopy London

Londoners tend to think of themselves as hard cases who don’t breathe what they can’t see, but in case the skies clear long enough to actually take a walk, how about a 150 mile stroll around the entire city? The London Loop is a circular trail that’s easy to reach by public transport, and can […]

Face-To-Face Time

Last night I was in Covent Garden at the London Film School, where I had chosen the film ‘Witchfinder General’ for the Speakeasy Cinema Club, an event that hosts a guest speaker, a favourite film, dinner and discussions afterwards. I can’t say what we talked about because it operates under Chatham House Rules, but the […]

English Peculiar

The English have a long history of surrealist comedy, particularly on TV and radio, although there are wonderful books as well. I was reminded of this when, visiting my mother in Sevenoaks, Kent, I found a little record shop (remember those?) that stocked an album I had as a child, the precursor to Monty Python […]

Celebrity 5: Shaping The Script

The tickets for ‘Celebrity’, priced at a very reasonable tenner, go on sale in one week’s time. Am I terrified yet? Not really, because I’m learning some good new habits. And as everyone gets to know one another, we’re working as a team. We’ve now nearly finished blocking the play, and I’m starting to see […]

Halloween Dogs

Our American cousins seem to be very keen on humiliating their pets around this time of the year, as any quick search for Halloween Dogs will show you on the interweb. My particular favourite was a Dracula dog with its pointed teeth bared, but these are pretty funny too. Anyway, this is by way of […]

The Latest Thing In Zombies

What more, you ask, can be done with zombies? Well, Stephen Jones has created something new. He convinced us to write a zombie novel, each taking over one section of the carefully constructed storyline, tell the story of a nightmarish outbreak in future London, which is told in the form of e-mails, notes, bulletins, blogs, […]

No-Tourist London No.2

Hatton Garden is traditionally where many Londoners go to buy their wedding rings. It’s a street and area near Holborn, and its name is derived from the garden of the Bishop of Ely, which was given to Sir Christopher Hatton by Elizabeth I in 1581. Hatton Garden has been the centre of London’s jewellery trade […]