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75 Years Of The Portable Pocketbook

Why the supersized novel is doomed in the long run They’ve been around for three quarters of a century, and are beloved by readers not just for the choice of writers they offer but because of their distinctive design and supreme portability. Penguin books feature heavily on my shelves because whenever you go into a […]

Directors 2: David Lean

The Future At 88mph

There’s a rumour flying around the interweb today that Doc Brown types today’s date (5 July, 2010) into the DeLorean’s register in ‘Back To The Future’. The movie is 25 years old, and when Marty and the doc prepared to head into the unknown, Doc apparently mentioned today’s date -but I’m pretty sure we never […]

Another Reason To Love Viz

This Is London, We Don’t Do Service

Go to New York, buy an expensive present and ask to get it gift-wrapped. It will be returned moments later in immaculate folds of paper and bows with a card attached. Ask for gift-wrapping in a London department store and the shop assistant will look at you as if you have delivered a cheque to […]

New Buildings In London

It seems as if London’s architects are becoming more individualistic of late. After the identikit offices of the eighties and nineties, the challenge is who can stand out more – or perhaps fit in more. Two good examples here; offices in Soho’s Bateman’s Buildings that have opted to return to Soho’s original 18th century alleyway […]

Science VS Belief

Soul Is Back!

It’s Friday afternoon and the server is still playing up, refusing to let me upload from my desktop, so it’s time for a song. OK, everyone else out of the room and back in the van, including all you hippity-hoppers and rappers and especially you try-too-hards (I guess that would be Lady GaGa). Soul has […]

Farewell, Beryl

Cruelly funny, cynical, erudite, dry & succinct, Beryl Bainbridge has succumbed to cancer at the age of 75. I’ll always remember reading (and laughing in shock at) ‘The Bottle Factory Outing’ in Greenwich Park one sunny day. After that, I read everything she wrote. Although she followed a long line of Northern comic writers, she […]

Re:View – Rumba

Dom and Fiona are teachers at the same school who are also a couple with a common passion; competition dancing. But their perfect home life is wrecked after a suicidal man causes their car to crash. Fiona loses a leg and Dom loses his long-term memory. Soon he’s having to carry her around and she […]