Monthly Archives: July 2010

Enemies In The Backyard

Immigration is a topic that always rears its head in times of recession. Now that Republican JD Hayworth’s law, which requires police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants and makes it a crime not to have valid immigration papers on your person, is in effect in the state of Arizona, he wants to expand it to […]

What Happens On Facebook Stays…Er, Everywhere

‘You see your accountant going out on weekends and attending clown conventions, that no longer makes you think that he’s not a good accountant. We’re coming to terms and reconciling with that merging of identities.’ This is Samuel Gosling talking – he’s a professor at the University of Texas, Austin, who says that as more […]

Amazon Messages You Don’t See That Often

Dear Customer, Greetings from We are pleased to report that the following item will dispatch sooner than expected: Cameron Pierce “Ass Goblins of Auschwitz” Previous estimated arrival date: August 04 2010 New estimated arrival date: July 27 2010

Finding Love Everywhere

Speaking of race issues (see previous post), here’s proof that a positive attitude can turn anything around, as Randy finds himself a new love in the form of former superhero turned social pariah Mel Gibson. Expect some sweariness, naturally.

Heroine Of The Week

Shirley Sherrod was the virtually unknown Department of Agriculture official whose speech about how she didn’t give a white farmer “the full force of what I could do” to help him save his farm back in 1986 got her accused of reverse racism. The result was that Shirley, the daughter of a leader of the […]

Hi Ho For Harrogate!

The French have dainty, succulent pastries decorated with chantilly creme. The North has rock cakes you could use as door-stops. More precisely, Betty’s Team Rooms specialise in the kind of sturdy brown crack-your-dentures tea fare that epitomises the true horror that is the English cake, partaken of by tough old birds in winter overcoats and […]

Why I Don’t Get Invited To Festivals Much

See the people on the signing panel. How happy they are that anyone turned up at all. How pleased they are when someone purchases a paperback instead of spending all their time on their walky-phones and jabscreens. From time to time, though, the lovely people at the British Fantasy Society are prepared to put up […]

The Rubbish I Plough Through So You Don’t Have To

As a book reviewer who sits on film boards and attends a fair number of arts events, I get quite a lot of exposure to the arts. It leaves me deficient in all sorts of other ways. For example, I know very little about the World Cup and nothing at all about popular TV shows, […]

Loaf To Tell The Truth

This is a subject very close to writers’ hearts, as most days we dine ‘al desko’. When is a bakery not a bakery? When it’s little more than ‘a tanning salon for baguettes’, according to the Real Bread Campaign. Just how much bread is made elsewhere is revealed today in a ruling by the Advertising […]

Roofworld Revisited

Reader Annie Fernie points out that our own Roofers (see ‘Roofworld Comes True’) do it better than the Moscow mob, and from the shots these lads have been taking from their vantage points, I think she’s right. Follow her comment link for more astounding images and details of their vertiginous exploits on top of the […]