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I was always amused when, interviewing media studies graduates, I had this conversation (regularly)

ME: What exactly do you want to do?
THEM: I’d like to be in films.
ME: Yes, but doing what?
THEM: Oh, I don’t really mind.

Which is a bit like saying you don’t mind whether you’re a charity worker or a lap dancer. You’d think writers would have more freedom to do that, roaming between media and subject matter, but it’s not the case. Public and publishers alike are often keen on you to do one thing for a long time, until you’ve killed the market. But now that all the mid-sized projects have suddenly disappeared, leaving only super-low budgets and mega-brands, it’s got much trickier.

So should you ‘Go big or go away’ as they say, or be true to your creative roots?
Tough call.
My next book is going to be a limited edition, because the lovely people at PS Publishing will allow me to do it my way – so ‘The Horrors’, a collection of new stories, will first appear in an exclusive run.

Meanwhile though, I’ve written a play which we’re casting at the moment and will be staged in November in a West End venue. ‘Celebrity’ is a comedy about how British celebrity culture evolved, and I hope it’s going to be a lot of fun. We, the production team, and the London Fringe will be covering its development as it unfolds, and there’ll be a compo for tickets – so you can witness the making of a hit or a disaster live!
I must be bloody mad, that’s all I can say.

2 comments on “What The Writer Did Next”

  1. Chris Lancaster says:

    Great news about the new collection appearing from PS Publishing. Is there any idea yet as to when this will be available? It’s mentioned briefly in the latest PS newsletter, but nothing more than your name and the title.

  2. admin says:

    The collection is planned for publication in 2011 and will probably be called ‘The Horrors’. There will be at least 21 new stories, all of a disturbing nature. More news as we move forward…

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