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I’ve always had a weakness for big summer stadium shows, and Jean-Jacques Goldman always knows how to put deliver the goods. This example is worth watching from the 4 minute mark, when the number literally takes off. You can work out how they did this if you look carefully.


Many people head South in the summer. On the Greek islands, Spanish, Croatian and Nordic bar staff follow temperatures and move with the sun. The English decamp for Ibiza, Aya Napia and other clubbing resorts where the dance music is still hot and chillout mixes still rule during the hours of dawn and dusk. Boutique hotels have long been mixing their own CDs; Coste, Byblos, Buddha Bar, 555, Voile Rouge and Café Del Mar (celebrating more than two decades of spliff-and-surf music) all became legends.

There’s something about a beach bar that encourages leniency towards even the most undistinguished summer music. Radio Riviera wouldn’t have survived the last few years without Groove Armada, and Moby is still a kind of EZ-European mascot. Much of the popular music in Europe would be ridiculed in the US, but European cafes prefer singers, and music goes well with drinks, so soloists like Liane Foly and Garou produce the kind of timeless songs you can learn in cars.

The reason for this post? I’m off on travels to Mykonos and Provence, but I’ll still be blogging.

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  1. Alan Morgan says:

    London, Provence, Greece – Harrogate, Salford, I hope you’ve grown your beauties nice and bushy down each cheek for this Jason King style International Man of Mystery thing you’ve got going on. Please tell me that there’s always a murder where you end up, preferably involving Terrance Stamp?

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