It’s Today!

I’m a father again! My lovely publishers have left a magnum of champagne on my front step (it would only be nicked around here if it was a beer keg with a St Andrews flag on it) and I’m signing books tonight at my favourite store in the world, Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Avenue @ 6pm, which must mean that I have a new novel out. Bryant & May Off The Rails is my ode to the London Underground system, complete with ghosts, killers and maniacs on the loose – plus the odd dance routine.

It’ll be the last Bryant & May for a while, because I’m working on several new projects which I’m very excited about – but they’ll be back before you know it.

As for Forbidden Planet – I remember them before they aimed for world domination; FP was simply a comic book stall in Berwick Street market, Soho, before moving to a scuzzy empty shop in the same street. Derek ‘Bram’ Stokes and Diane Lister set up way back in 1969. The shop was managed by fantasy author Stan Nicholls and (I think) his mum. They became ‘Dark They Were And Golden-Eyed’ (from the Bradbury story) before moving to St Anne’s Court and changing their name – the rest is history. When I moved to America I gave them my underground entire comic book collection, only to move back to London some time later. D’Oh! So I go back a loooong way with those guys. If you’re passing, look in.

Berwick Street Market

8 comments on “It’s Today!”

  1. keith Page says:

    Really pleased to hear this won’t be the last

  2. Kevin says:

    I remember visiting ‘Dark They Were and Golden Eyed’ as a schoolboy, on a day trip to London from rural Shropshire. Imagine how amazing it was to find a shop devoted entirely to science fiction books and comics. An entire shop! London truly was a place of magic.

  3. Gunnerleigh says:

    Very, very excited about the new book. Seeing that I’m an American living in Germany who will be visiting London the weekend of July 9th … any chance you’ll have any signings that weekend? Thanks tons for some fantastic books.

  4. Shuku says:

    Oh, I WISH I could attend one of those book signings. But till I can visit London again, congratulations on yet another Bryant and May, and may there be many more!

  5. Kenny Penman says:

    I don’t think Dark They Were and FP actually ever had anything to do with each other. Mike Lake, who was one of the partners in FP, worked for Bram Stokes for a time but they were separate business’s. I’m pretty sure they co-existed for a short time, DTW on St Anne’s and FP on Denmark St.

  6. admin says:

    They certainly crossed over in terms of staff. I know the company split in two. Jon at FP seemed to think they were connected as well – but maybe one grew out of the other?

  7. RobertR says:

    It’s brilliant – thank you again! Read it in 2 days (I had to work & see the Scissor Sister live, so they got in the way). Brings back living in Balfe Street and the surprise I experience each time I hit the area again – it’s changed so much; yet the scabarous underbelly of ashes and history keeps shooting up! I hope B&M enjoy their rest and maybe you’ll look back over their historical cases – ‘The Belles of Westminster’ (I’m guessing Paul Raymond) and the ‘Oxford Street Mannequin Murders’ sound like they need exploring!

  8. Csenger says:

    This joker will likely not be receiving yet another 4 many years, I believe.

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