Is There A Football Match On?

London, Observatory

Well, the tube was packed with tiny Mexican fans in emerald shirts and huge straw hats the other night, so it’s a safe bet there’s some kind of sporting event going on. They were singing some very nice songs. Everyone assumes you’re able and/or willing to talk about football. Cab drivers are happy to ask me what I thought of the game, but never wonder if I saw the new Hamlet. Few writers are known for their interest in sports, of course, and tend to move to a different pub when Sky Sports is installed. I know when Arsenal have home fixtures only because my friend Maggie lives by the stadium, which means there’s a parking exclusion zone on match days.

But this is a bit bigger than that. And the great thing about the World Cup is that you’ll be able to get theatre tickets in the middle of June and there won’t be queues for museums – although finding a taxi might be tricky. Anyway, Nike did make a great commercial and it does reward repeat viewings, even though it’s quite surprising to discover that Wayne Rooney lives in a caravan, which he probably would have been doing if he wasn’t a footballer.


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  1. Helen Martin says:

    I’m expected to be able to talk hockey and know the teams and players, it’s part of the culture. It is a shared thing, no matter your upbringing. We’re in the middle of our cup final just now so there’s a lot of hockey talk and while Vancouver had a chance there were gatherings outside the CBC studios to watch The Game on their big screen. It’s just fun.
    I loved that Nike film. The last two world cups I was doing my library thing and had diagrams on large sheets so kids could follow the results. They were in the same location where I usually put book adverts and reviews. It’s all good.

  2. Lisa Laskin says:

    For those of us across the pond, World Cup is not so big a deal. Our movies and museums will be just as crowded as ever. And we won’t see much of that marvelous Nike ad which is too bad. But watching a bit of your kind of football on the telly the other day reminded me what a great game it is, mesmerizing when played at the elite level.

  3. Andrew Roberts says:

    That is a great ad – it manages to make me feel warm and fuzzy about Nike, which is quite some achievement.

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