Oh, Great!


So Jellyfish Man becomes Prime Minister along with micro-celeb Nick Clegg (he of the handsome smile and ugly policies) as his dogsbody. Expect old-Etonians creeping out of the woodwork to burrow into ‘jobs for the boys’, and infighting from Lib-Dems whose sole powers before today involved being able to get the bins emptied twice a week. Call me cynical, but you reach a point in life where you’ve seen too many election promises broken, then stamped on, then the pieces gathered up and taped together, then smashed to smithereens, then stamped on again and finally buried in quicklime.

We punters always express surprise when MPs switch sides without suffering anything approaching a long dark night of the soul, but the ease with which the Lib-Dems have flip-flopped must confound even the hardest election watchers. I was once told by an MP that ‘what you don’t understand is we’ll do anything at all to stay in power, and it’s only a tiny step across the divide to do so. The compromise is no bigger than any other we make.’

Well, I hope it works out. Apart from the odd bout of rabid intolerance over social panics, we’re an eminently sensible nation; let’s wait and see.

2 comments on “Oh, Great!”

  1. Mary says:

    Too true. You’re not cynical at all; it’s the truth. The ‘old boys’ all come scuttling along, cap in hand. It’s a never ending cycle of petty lies and insincerities. The part that makes me angry is that they expect us to believe it all. Hope springs eternal, and it’s all that’s left!

  2. Anne Fernie says:

    People would have to be really naive not to realise that the dirty reality of power changes even the most well-intentioned of politicians. ~Wait and see indeed…….

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