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‘The Curse Of Frankenstein’ featured – as all Frankenstein films seem to feature in their resurrection sequences – a steel ball-thing that makes electricity and the Wimshurst Machine, which creates an electromagnetic charge of static electricity (I think). My pal Graham Humphries, the artist of the Cramps album covers, the Evil Dead films and our very own Hell Train, got the chance to try it out recently. He’s a brilliant artist who captures the look and feel of lurid old cinema posters. Here’s his Evil Dead clock, and you can visit his site, which features some (but far from all) of his most famous work here. He also undertakes private commissions.

One comment on “Cursed!”

  1. Mary says:

    Wonderfully scary stuff. My son and his partner will LOVE this. Hammer horror made me quiver in my shoes, but this is pretty cool (son’s words)

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