There Should Be A Special Word For…


…the time you sit waiting for your laptop to fire up.

This will be an occasional wordpower series continuing the fine work by Douglas Adams to assign defunct railway station names to unnamed states of mind in ‘The Meaning Of Liff’. My favourite; a word for ‘the behaviour of sellotape when you’re tired.’

3 comments on “There Should Be A Special Word For…”

  1. Matt Gibson says:

    I think that during that time, your laptop is “fobbing”. Which is apparently near Stanford-le-Hope, Thurrock.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Please find a use for Craigellachie, the spot on the CPR where the last spike was driven. It’s near Revelstoke, B.C.

  3. Kristen Reed says:

    There used to be a series of books by Rich Hall (an ’80’s US comedian) called _Sniglets_, which were in this same vein. I know b/c I drew inspiration from Ben Elton and got published in one of them when in high school!

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