Down The Tube, Into Hell

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There’s a ‘hidden places’ theme continuing this year – I’m getting some very respectable notices for ‘Hellion’, my first teen novel, which explores a forgotten London park and its nasty little secrets. Next comes ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’, with the senex detecs poking about below the streets, and after that a new short story entitled ‘Down’, which will appear in what I hope will prove an excellent new collection. Its publication date is November 15th in the UK and US. Cover price will be £7.99…

3 comments on “Down The Tube, Into Hell”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    We were adopted by a cat who appeared to be old and ratty. We called him “The Old Guy” until he moved in. Our daughter-in-law suggested Senex as a name for him, because it’s the latin for the same phrase. We rejected it because it sounded more like a laxative. Interesting to meet the word here.
    And waiting more or less patiently.

  2. Mary says:

    Looking forward to ‘Off the Rails’. How lovely to have an old and ratty cat…a real character. I once shared my life with a wonderfully vicious ginger cat. Someone left him, as a kitten, in a brown paper bag outside my house.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Ours was vicious only to other cats, whom he scared off with the filthiest language I’ve ever heard from a cat. We lost him after a battle with a raccoon.

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