The Winners of the Campaign For Real Fear

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Well, the Campaign For Real Fear is over, and was everything we hoped it would be. The entries were smart, mad, trying, puzzling, disturbing and every stop in between. We doubled the number of winners and added seven Honourable Mentions because we simply couldn’t narrow it down any further. The big surprise in the statistic was – well, we’re letting Black Static magazine print the stats first, but I’ll add them here after publication.

So, the next two issues of Black Static will print all of the winning entries, with comments from Maura McHugh and I on how and why we chose what we did. They’ll go on to be podcast by Action Audio, and hopefully bright futures. So here are the winners.

Top Twenty
(in no specific order)

* ‘Copy Degradation’ by Gemma Files; Canada
* ‘In The Night Supermarket’ by James Burt; UK
* ‘Nice One, Truly’ by Alan Morgan; UK
* ‘On The Beaten Path’ by Janos Honkonken; Finland
* ‘Sanctuary’ by Katherine Hughes; UK
* ‘The Price’ by Jennifer Williams; UK
* ‘The Rude Little Girl’ by Kaaron Warren; Australia
* ‘This Is Mung’ by Christine Emmett; South Africa
* ‘The Flinchfield Dance’ by Mary Elizabeth Burroughs; Australia
* ‘Shades of Blue’ by Catherine MacLeod; Canada
* ‘Infected With Death’ by John Fagan; UK
* ‘The Exchange’ by Eileen Chao; USA
* ‘Under The Microscope’ by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt; USA
* ‘See You Later’ by M. M. De Voe; USA
* ‘Showtime’ by James Carroll; Australia
* ‘Hounded’ by Christina Koh; UK
* ‘Big Brother, Little Sister’ by Sam Fleming; UK
* ‘Cuckoo’ by Lorraine Slater; UK
* ‘Dreadless’ by Anna Rogala; UK
* ‘Give Me More Eyes for Nakedness’ by Paul Synnott; UK

Honourable Mentions

* ‘Victoria Sponge’ by Carole Johnstone; UK
* ‘Live Coverage: Crucifixion’ by Gareth May; UK
* ‘Don’t Ask Me’ by R. B. Russell; UK
* ‘The Wise Ones’ by Neslihan Atcan Altan; Turkey
* ‘Us or Them’ by Adam Napier; UK
* ‘Primogeniture’ by Kirsty Logan; UK
* ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ by Aoife MacCormac; Ireland

Congratulations to all our winners for writing such memorable stories. We’re saddened we couldn’t take more, which is why we listed seven honourable mentions. There were several other strong contenders we had to put aside with a great deal of regret.

We received a range of work from first-time writers through to seasoned professionals. Our final group represents a spectrum of experience as well as showcasing the variety of talent writing modern horror fiction.

Thanks & respect also to Maura McHugh, who turned an idea into reality. Check out her blog here.

The picture at the top is, of course, from ‘Pride & Prejudice & Zombies’, the one-line joke that became a series of crap books, and is the kind of thing we were fighting against.

7 comments on “The Winners of the Campaign For Real Fear”

  1. Chris Limb says:

    Excellent – I am looking forward to reading them. Not making the list myself has merely given me the determination to try even harder next time…

  2. Alan Morgan says:


    Nice one, Mr. Fowler.


  3. Maura McHugh says:

    I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime! 🙂

  4. Bob Lock says:

    Well done the winners!

  5. Catherine MacLeod says:

    How can I order a copy of the issue with my story in it? (I don’t have PayPal, or a credit card.) I want proof I made it into Black Static. 8)

  6. admin says:

    We’ve asked Black Static if all the contributors can have free copies, which may be tricky as they’re scattered all over the world and the magazine runs on a tight budget. Hopefully you’ll get a freebie, but if not I’d get a friend to order it for you.

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