The Jig’s Up


Apparently the leaders’ debate ended with a dance-off. Gordon fell down on the Scottish Reel, Nick pulled ahead in the jigging-up-and-down-like-Michael-Flately. Next up; Pasa Doble.

2 comments on “The Jig’s Up”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    Please tell me Britain isn’t going to turn into a weird semi-America. These two gentlemen are not running for the office of Prime Minister; they are running to be the Honourable Member for _____. The unfortunate thing is that having these debates means that same party representatives end up with no choice in voting and no voice in public, either. The party heads forget that the other members can remove them from the PM’s position if the members become disenchanted with the leadership. There are lots of problems with the British system and with the American, too, but a debate implies only two choices and that’s not how it works. Bubble-bubble, bang, bang, bang.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    And now that the results are more or less out, who is going to be dancing with whom? It was only 10pm here when the exhausted commentators gave up so I had an interesting evening and even saw one genuinely crazy candidate. I always thought the sketch with the party with the great long idiotic name was purely imaginary, now I discover British voters can be quite unfocused. What will happen about all those people who didn’t get to vote?

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