London Pubs: King Charles I


King’s Cross has some rubbish pubs, but this gem in Northdown Street is worth a visit (along with The Driver and The Fellow). It’s the Brigadoon of boozers, seemingly vanishing at certain times when you most want a drink. Ben the landlord cheerfully admits he went a bit AWOL for a while but now the place is sorted and running smoothly, with bar billiards, a menu that allows deliveries from local restaurants and the odd random poetry reading or weird literary punch-up. It’s not for punters who like their pubs to look like restaurants, but if you’re up for making friends with interesting people, it’s usually a winner.

4 comments on “London Pubs: King Charles I”

  1. Mary says:

    This looks a truly great pub. Making friends with interesting people is a wonderful thought. My husband was born under the bar in The Seven Stars, Dinton Bucks. He suggests this is the reason for his in born whisky passion!

  2. Cid says:

    It was stuffed full of students last time I was in there, on a Tuesday night as I recall. That said, they were decent students, not the falling over, puking variety.

  3. M@ says:

    On Fridays it’s full of scientists and illustrators from Nature journal, who work in the small street next to Kings Place.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    We met this one some time ago in an outdoor shot, I think. It’s neat to imagine you could choose the other people there just by the night you go.

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