Campaign For Real Fear: The Eruption

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Clear skies, hot weather – it must be the volcanic ash we’ve heard so much about lately. The Daily Mail is screaming about the end of the world, someone in the Shetland Isles apparently has a slightly sore throat, and the air seems clearer than I can ever remember. A perfect day for reading about what terrifies the nation.

The Campaign For Real Fear closed last night with a nailbiting last minute dash to post – 100 entries yesterday alone. We’ve now read all the entries and are starting to cull – we’ll have a very clear snapshot of what Britain (and the rest of the world) fears. All will be revealed here, on Maura’s Splinister site and in Black Static shortly. We’ll have statistical evidence and will also be able to tell you what NOT to write about when you submit stories…

One comment on “Campaign For Real Fear: The Eruption”

  1. Cate Gardner says:

    Ha! That’s more frightening that the volcano. Though, strangely, the volcano isn’t frightening at all.

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