Poison Pens

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As Britain vanishes beneath a layer of volcanic ash, the pound drops at the thought of a hung parliament and mediocrity sweeps the land, one bright shining beacon of excellence has guided myself and Maura McHugh – a mad last-minute burst of entries in the Campaign For Real Fear has pushed up the figures and increased our workload dramatically.

Choosing just ten for publication now becomes an impossible task. In the days ahead, I’ll be nagging publishers to take more; too many of these are too good to remain unseen! I’ll keep you informed as to what happens. And, though I’m loathe to point it out, there are still a few hours left to enter. Cut-off point is 5PM.

One comment on “Poison Pens”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    Dead silence as all the unfinished sketches are pulled up and re-read. It’s a deadline arriving, you see.

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