An End To All Fears

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And so we enter our final week. The Campaign For Real Fear ends on Friday 16th April at 5pm – Maura McHugh and I will then choose the top entries for publication, so there’s still time to wreak 500 words of havoc on us. If you’ve only thought about doing so – here’s a tip: provoke us with a new idea, and stay the hell away from vampires.

Unlike other juries, we’ll explain the thinking behind our choices when we publish, so that you’ll get some proper feedback. That way, even if you don’t get selected (and bear in mind we can only take around 6% of the total entries) you’ll be a little more prepared for when you next write – and given the generally high standard of writing, we hope you will.

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been shortlisted for the Authors’ Blog Awards. I know voting is a faff, but if you like the blog give it a go here. Voters get treats from publishers giving away books, too, and it takes but a moment to register on the site (although the notification takes a few mins to come through).