Monthly Archives: March 2010

Here’s One I Made Earlier

So, here’s Robert Harrison, an IT director from Yorkshire, who wrapped a digital camera in loft insulation, tied it to a weather balloon and went to the pub. The result? Pictures taken above the earth that had NASA staggered. A bit of ingenious thinking resulted in photographs that formerly cost millions to make. He’d added […]

Unseen Monroe

Can there ever have been a star with so many ‘unseen’ pictures? This is part of a set from ‘Some Like It Hot’ that will go to auction in Las Vegas, and has to be the most glamorous ‘moody star stuck in a chair’ picture ever.

Mind Games & Ghost Stories

I went to see ‘Ghost Stories’ at the Lyric Hammersmith this week, which is a terrifically fun night out, although us old horror lags would have liked more audience involvement in the trio of scary stories on display, and at least a little blood. During the show (which we were warned not to talk about, […]

Literary London At Your Feet

This is the first of the Augmented Reality apps I’ve seen readily available for iPhones, but I’m sure we’ll see many more in the months to come. It’s called Get London Reading and identifies London streets and the books they feature in. Just click on the maps and you’ll find the books in your area. […]

Toughs & Toffs Explained

A photograph that became an iconic representation of class in England is finally dissected and revealed as not quite the picture we thought, although it’s interesting to think that if the picture was restaged today with the ‘toughs’ on the left and modern kids on the right, the toughs would look like the smartly dressed […]

Back To The Pav

Every year the Serpentine Pavilion in Hyde Park is rebuilt from scratch by a new artist/ architect. After last year’s cool floaty minimalist glass sheets, this fire engine red baby is a welcome change. All the years have been rather colour-free (see past pavilions here).

Nothing Like A Dame

So, What Are You Working On?

It’s the question every writer dreads. It’s like actors who are forced to explain they’re ‘resting’ or currently working in bookshops. Writers are often between jobs. This week, I am in that unenviable state, and as a Worker Ant I don’t take kindly to twiddling my thumbs. My preparations for the World Horror Con later […]

USA VS Jamie Oliver

Rethinking Movie Posters

This is the kind of wishful thinking nonsense-article that drives me nuts. The Independent is running a piece about how movie posters are boring and are being reinvented by a new generation of designers. Having worked in the industry for a long time, I know how these articles come about; a couple of nice images […]