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The weather, of course, was contrary, but the events were hot and wonderfully strange. Most of the energetic talks and panels were crowded and had to be forcibly wrapped with the questions still pouring in. There was a surprise appearance by Neil Gaiman (spare a thought, though, for ace supernatural writer Jasper Kent, whose launch had been scheduled for the exact same time) and a mystifying video link from the dungeon-queen handing over last year’s con.

At my hotel late one night, an American guest asked the desk clerk how far it was to a venue. He replied, in what was clearly his second language, ‘It is not far. You can walk from here quite safely. It is not a hideous rape area.’ That must have reassured her.
I love the cards writers give out, and particularly like this one from fellow scribe Stephen Volk of a child (possibly him?) armed with a saw.

The Brighton Shock! book looked great, with a terrific cover from Les Edwards, and should become a nice collectable. If our friends from the US and Canada had as good a time as we did, then everybody went home happy.

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  1. J. Folgard says:

    Great cover indeed! I also read Rue Morgue, I like the way they cover the whole spectrum of the genre, and it’s always so nicely designed.

  2. It was my first convention, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I met lots of lovely people, and may have become an incorrigible convention convert…

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