So, What Are You Working On?

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It’s the question every writer dreads.
It’s like actors who are forced to explain they’re ‘resting’ or currently working in bookshops.
Writers are often between jobs. This week, I am in that unenviable state, and as a Worker Ant I don’t take kindly to twiddling my thumbs. My preparations for the World Horror Con later this week are done. My press columns are all delivered and up to date. I have two books out this year. I currently have seven separate new book proposals in with publishers, and three screenplays (although, given the hilarious state of British film I think we can safely discount those). Several of the book proposals have finished chapters or up to eighty pages included in them, and amount to a massive input of work. I have also written twenty two new unpublished stories. All I am waiting for now is a callback. Any callback. But the economy has slowed, and publishers are understandably being cautious.

When I go on holiday I can relax (that’s me at the top in the Maldives earlier in the year, relaxin’ my ass off) but when I’m home I want to be hammering the deadlines. I will die slumped over my keyboard – that’s how it should be. So, if actors ‘rest’ what do writers do? Chill?

2 comments on “So, What Are You Working On?”

  1. Steve says:

    I suspect that writers passively gather data when they’re not actively writing. That walk you took down Piccadilly will someday show up as a walk taken by a character in a story. The same with the view of the beach.
    In short, I suspect that writers, even when they’re er, “chilling”, are preparing to write.
    Can’t escape it.

  2. Mike Cane says:

    What you should be doing is crunching the damned numbers for POD and eBook direct publishing. Just like everybody else. God, I hate math.

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