Warning: Your Brain Must Be THIS BIG To Be Allowed On This Ride

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My pal Frazer Lee complains that the audience of ‘Avatar’ Tweeted, Facebooked and MySpaced themelves into a stupor while watching ‘Timotei – The Movie’ at his local cinema. Last year at Somerset House the girl in front of me watching ‘Alien’ took pictures of her own hair on her mobile and Facebooked it.

I swear, no jury in the world would have convicted me.

Which begs the question; should girls be allowed in to SF movies? As a liberal I want to say yes. But there are clear gender differences. For example, I don’t ever want to see a movie in which Jennifer Aniston can’t make up her mind who to marry. But many girls clearly don’t understand the peril starship crews face when the interplanetary ming-mongs go wrong. Except maybe Victoria Wood. (Warning – the clip is so blurry I thought I was going blind.)


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  1. Evelyn Sawyer says:

    While I admit I always casually wondered how Soolin kept her hair so perfect in Blake’s 7, I am a sci fi girl through and through and have been since Gerry Anderson unleashed UFO, before moving on to The Tomorrow People, Dr Who, Trek, etc. etc. I spent the whole of the recent Star Trek film nitpicking rather than texting my friends that “Woh, Spock is well fit” & only a lack of Sky TV has kept me from the new Battlestar Galactica (I was quite fond of the old one). I don’t ever want to see a film with Jennifer Aniston in it full stop. And the girl you saw at Somerset House during Alien? Chestburster is too good for her….. We’re not all that bad, honest!

  2. Jennifer says:


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