Monthly Archives: February 2010

Further Adventures Of The Lying Toad

Remember the Lying Toad? (See ‘Spleen’) I’ve worked with a lot of producers, a few are brilliant (Jeremy Thomas and Marc Samuelson are two of the hardest working, most intelligent people I’ve ever met) but many are deluded cheats who lie their way into getting something for nothing from writers. During the Cannes Film Festival […]

Separated At Birth

The BBC wants to know if there are any questions we’d like to ask the Pope. Actually there are quite a few, but obviously we also need to know if he’ll be starring in the next Addams Family movie.

The Beacon

A few years ago I wrote a story for a collection of internet tales called ‘The Beacon’, about a son who posts an online message that lives on after his death and eventually reached his non-computer-literate father. Hold that thought for a moment. I love London cabbies; they’re fast, smart and chatty – or at […]

Real Bryant & May Locations: Nos 2 & 3

2. Camden Catacombs When I was researching ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’, I had a good rummage around under London, seeing how many odd places I could get into – the answer, post 7/7, is not many. Nearly all of the tunnels and passages I could access in my twenties are now closed off […]

Big News

Two stories about language today. The Times turns in a nice piece on the slow death of the regional newspaper. Once it was common for reporters to spend a year on the local press circuit covering everything from flower shows to provincial court cases. The training taught journalists to communicate (making a story out of […]

Pauline, Maybe It’s You

The sour-faced old bag in the photo is the right-wing nutjob Australian politician Pauline Hanson, who, in In her maiden speech, called for cuts to Aboriginal welfare and warned that Australia was “in danger of being swamped by Asians”. As you can see in the desperately bleak view from her window, Asians are swarming all […]

The New Economy Explained

Once, you went for a job and started making the tea, showed willing, worked your way up and became the boss. Now there’s a new way of getting on. Last Monday, six different one-week placements were auctioned at a Tory party fundraising evening with bids reaching £3,700 for work experience at Condé Nast, £3,000 for […]

Words You Never Knew You Needed

In ‘Paperboy’ I list a bunch of words I didn’t know the meaning of as a child. This morning reader David Goldstraw posts on the ‘Paperboy’ blog to add his list of words he never knew, and they’re all from one book. They include: gurning bowdlerised homunculi hottentot runcible anthropomorphic dirndls snifter gimlet avuncular carphology […]

Jeunet Returns With MicMacs

Percy Jackson & The Product Placement From Hell

I have a vested interest in all things Gorgon this summer, having written a Medusa update. Naturally it’s very small scale compared to the blockbuster Hollywood versions we’re getting, and while this may seem like sour grapes, I admit I fell about reading the appalling reviews for ‘Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief’, in which […]