Jeunet Returns With MicMacs

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Most Hollywood films seem to consist of people hitting each other, but when Hollywood runs dry of ideas (This summer: The A-Team reboot! Russell Brand as a comedy rock star!) it turns to European talent. The majors are investing as never before in foreign studios. More than half their revenue comes from overseas now, where films aren’t quite so easily crushed by the dead thoughts of executives on the make, so it makes sense to diversify – but will this result in a drop in European standards, or will it simply allow European films to have better budgets?

Judging by ‘MicMacs A Tire-Larigot’, the new film by the director of ‘Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amelie Poulain’ and ‘Delicatessen’, it’s paid off well. Bonkers and charming, the film is more a retread of earlier hits, but is still great fun. Dany Boon gets shot while working in his video shop, and sets out to destroy the arms manufacturers who made the bullet. Naturally, his plans involve a contortionist, a human cannonball and a lot of string. At one point he lowers a microphone down a chimney and finds himself recording the scene from ‘Delicatessen’ where Dominique Pinon plays the musical saw. Mad, wonderful stuff.

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  1. Michelle says:

    This film sounds very interesting – I love the idea of the scene where the Delicatessen duet is resurrected 🙂
    Here is that duet:

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