Bedouin & Breakfast


After several days without a hot wash or a shave, how typical that I should first hunt down a internet connection before cleaning myself up, and lo, here it is in the Oman transit Lounge. I have been fantasising about electric lights and running water. Having stayed with our charming Bedouin tribe (who took a liking to our shoes by quietly nicking them and shyly returning them to indicate interest) we have been travelling through Oman toward Yemen – this is not an area that has been predisposed to by the West in the past, but in some ways it’s an improvement, from better social housing to free hospitals, cheaper medicine and no tax. Our guide Nasser is charming, patient and knows more about his land’s history than I know about London. Downsides – this morning I was head-butted by a camel, which really hurt. And I now know that trying to brush your teeth with an inch of bottled water is not for me. I look like a tramp.
Unrepresentative pics follow (taken on an iPhone as the camera battery is dead).

5 comments on “Bedouin & Breakfast”

  1. Hm, Yemen might not be the safest destination, currently. And careful in the desert: there should be somewhere in the shifting sands a nameless city where Alhazred found material enough to fill his best-selling book.

  2. Jason says:

    Lovely pictures. Sigh
    Here in the Northwest USA winter has turned dull.
    Days of gloom and dead air. We are not even getting the rain we are famous for.
    Anyway. Have fun in Yemen. Apparently the sound of the desert at night is amazing.

  3. Alan says:

    Hmm – scorpion country too. I know.

    Excellent desert pic!

  4. Helen Martin says:

    It isn’t everyone who can say they were head butted by a camel. Is that a distant camel in the desert pic? It sounds like one of those nightmare experiences that sound fabulous when related later. Hope there’s fun beyond the bruises.

  5. Steve says:

    Not Mars then? I’m disappointed. I’d thought perhaps Virgin Galactic (which for some odd reason makes me think of Barbarella) was a bit farther along than we knew.

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