Monthly Archives: December 2009

Roll End Credits

I’m not a big Lenny Kravitz fan but who could deny the sheer charm of his video for ‘Let Love Rule’? It’s a simple idea that made me laugh, and sometimes that’s all you want.

Even Badder Santa

Just when you thought there couldn’t be worse presents than the ‘Invisible German’ walking lederhosen (somewhere below), I found these, all being offered as genuine Christmas presents on websites. The Regan Staircrawler model from a deleted scene in ‘The Exorcist’. How about the Anal Bleaching Kit for a favourite uncle? Or you could help granny […]

Preaching To The Converted

Last year I saw a play in which political prisoners’ testimonies were performed on stage. It was a very good piece, but unfortunately the audience was already there – a politically sophisticated mix of adults who knew all about the subject before they came into the theatre. Now we have the same problem with climate […]

In Praise Of Geeks

My friend Jennifer posted this, which gave me hope for a dumb world. I wonder if we could find a similar UK crowd, or if they’re all busy voting for ‘X Factor’ singers and worrying about what kind of hair products to buy. Video: College Experiment: Nerd Bowl

Non-Fiction For Christmas

Michael Holroyd’s wonderful ‘A Strange & Eventful History’ looks at the lives of Henry Irving, Ellen Terry and their troubled families – a slice of theatre history that’s as dramatic as its subject. Phil Baker’s knockout ‘The Devil Is A Gentleman’ gives us the biography of Dennis Wheatley, war propagandist and author of Satanic novels […]

Very Bad Santa

If you’re looking to buy a Christmas gift for a child you really don’t like, how about some of these worrisome presents? Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

When Sites Go Rogue

My post yesterday about the desirability of US football shirts as perfect gear to write in seems to have vanished on the site along with all its attached comments – I’m having a few small teething problems with the new layout. I read every comment posted, though, and hopefully it won’t happen again.

The Creative Dilemma

Samuel Beckett was once asked what he had given up for his art. He replied; ‘I have fairly often not gone to parties.’ EM Forster was asked why his output of novels hadn’t been greater and he replied; ‘I would have written more if I hadn’t gone out so much.’ Watching the movie ‘Nine’ made […]

Christmas Movies 3: The Tear Factor

It’s been pointed out to me that you can’t just have action films and something with a Victorian snow scene to watch on Christmas Day; you need a good cry too. The only moment I could think of instantly was this old favourite, as Bobby heads to the station not realising that her political-prisoner father […]

Separated At Birth

If Monty Python ever decide to make the Clinton story, I think we have casting.