Monthly Archives: December 2009

Tinsel And Carbon Paper

It never gets any easier. I am now in the middle of my career, thirty five published books and an uncountable number of unmade film scripts in, and nothing changes; writers complain that the genre is disrespected, there are no great new stories, films are terrible, good novels fail to be published while trash sells […]

‘He Must Be A King…’

‘…He hasn’t got shit all over him,’ to quote a famous Monty Python line. Because we always knew the royals were different, didn’t we? But the differences have lessened over the years. I remember the royal chocolate maker Floris used to have incredible chocolate displays in their shop in Brewer Street (where Vintage Magazines’ is […]

A Mantlepiece Of Horrors

Still clearing out cupboards, I discovered my original model of this… I had all of the Aurora model kits lined up on my childhood mantlepiece, including the rather boring Witch and Godzilla, but here’s a company that makes authentic-looking new versions of models. In the light of shows like the near-pornographic ‘True Blood’, these kits […]

Appropriate Reading Matter

Tired of reading about how a bit of bad weather has paralysed the country, I turn to that ever-fascinating source of inaccurate infotainment the Daily Mail, who, like the Daily Express, have admirably stayed on brief ever since they suggested that Hitler was a good idea in 1939. Today’s online edition boasts these urgent subjects; […]

Reading Funny

Last year I won an award called The Last Laugh for writing a funny book. Although I’m trying to learn how to keep jokes out of my writing for a while, it reminded me of how much I enjoy humorous writing. Thinking about a Top Ten of funny books (the sort of thing men do […]

Hellion On Earth

Hellion This is a PDF for the final cover for my first teen horror novel, which weirdly and entirely without planning coincides with the appearance of the ‘Clash Of The Titans’ remake. The main difference is that my story is set in London in the present. I hope that there will be more in the […]

A Song Without A Name

My taste in music is – well, eclectic is too kind a word, as I tend to play everything from Gilbert & Sullivan to Japanese hip-hop while I’m working. I draw the line at country music, but just about everything else from French rap to the atonal German modern opera version of ‘Gormenghast’ gets airtime. […]

Christmas Trickery

Here’s a recent column I wrote for the Independent On Sunday about a Christmas gift for the reader in your life that’s a perennial favourite, is inexpensive, and a bloody good joke. I’ve always owned a copy and have long assumed it was more widely known than it is, so it’s nice to discover there […]

Words & Music

Opening my Christmas post, I was pleased to find a CD from Howard Goodall. I can’t work without music, and have long enjoyed Mr Goodall’s compositional work. In addition, his Channel 4 television shows anatomising the structure of music were wonderfully clear and intelligent (this was before the channel abandoned its ideals and ran Big […]

More Camden Horses

The horses of Camden Market are all new, and the project appears to be ongoing – certainly one of the blacksmiths is still missing his hammer – but there’s a lot of woodwork and metalwork going on in decorative friezes and benches, walls, fountains and staircases all over the market. It’s good to see that […]