Christmas Movies 3: The Tear Factor

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It’s been pointed out to me that you can’t just have action films and something with a Victorian snow scene to watch on Christmas Day; you need a good cry too. The only moment I could think of instantly was this old favourite, as Bobby heads to the station not realising that her political-prisoner father has been released…altogether now – ‘Dady! My Daddy!’ And blow the nose.

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  1. Oh God. I went to see that movie in the theater in Bristol when it came out (I was on a linguistic stay) and I have absolutely NO memory of it. Utterly none. Now, that’s strange. Whereas the roughly contemporary Fiddler on the Roof and Live and Let Die, which I went to see in similar circumstances, have left some mark in my mind. I have to watch TRC again some day, just to see if anything rings a bell. Or whistles or whatever (That’s Jenny Agutter. I remember her from Equus.)

  2. Evelyn Sawyer says:

    The ending of The Railway Children (1970 version only, none other) doesn’t just make me cry, it makes me howl. Even the words “Daddy! My Daddy!” can set me off just thinking about it.

  3. memory ring says:

    Hi, do you know where I can r arr a rrr pirraaats

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