Monthly Archives: December 2009

An eReader Story

Stranded on snowbound Sevenoaks station in Kent over Christmas without any sign of incoming trains, all I could do was wait for something to come along, so I did what I always do in trying times and turned to a book. I had grabbed a mass-market paperback from my shelf before leaving the house – […]

He’s Putting On A Show

It’s panto season again, and for some peculiar reason old Hollywood stars seem to be joining the casts of shows. We’ve already had Pamela Anderson in Aladdin at Wimbledon, and now Mickey Rooney, soon to be 90, is back for a second season as Baron Hardup in Cinderella, singing and telling jokes that must mystify […]

Watery London

London seems to be a city built on, or surrounded by, water. It’s said that there’s no such thing as a dry London house, and I don’t know any city dwellers who don’t have a battle with water in some form. Our warehouse has a well in its basement, and the underground Fleet river passes […]

New Words For 2010

As is usual at this time of year, the Oxford English Dictionary is pointing out the words it has added in the last 12 months. “It has been another rich year,” says Susie Dent, the lexicographic specialist who led the comprehensive scanning of more than 2 billion words. “Last year, we found that ‘credit crunch’ […]

The Pub Sing-Song Returns

With London’s pubs still vanishing at an incredible speed (usually due to the fact that pubs are dream real estate; they sit on corners and have three or four floors and huge basements) the landlords are fighting back. My friend Simon is the manager of The Pineapple in Kentish Town, and has re-instated a number […]

Angels Take Wing

We’re being told it’s the next publishing craze: Angels are set to replace vampires as objects of desire for young readers. Authors and film-makers are rushing to bring out books and movies starring these fantasy beings to cash in on the latest Stateside-originating craze. Many of the winged protagonists have a darker side that publishers […]

New Bookstore

You can now find some of my rarer books (including a couple I didn’t even know existed!) by going to my online bookstore at the top of the page.

Christmas In London 2

This chap greets you at the Bank Of England Museum, another venue I had no idea even existed. We only found it because the friend I was with needed to find a loo. Here are exhibitions and displays concerning the present fiscal situation and those of the past (including, for some reason, a hot air […]

Christmas In London 1

Behind the door of the Dame Dolly Osbourne Suite doesn’t lie one of London’s best kept secrets, because that’s the door to the toilets, but the Brick Lane Music Hall is a rather unusual venue. No longer in Brick Lane, the old-time music hall is now situated in a mock-Gothic horror at the end of […]

My Kind Of Town

This is a column I recently wrote for the Sunday Telegraph Travel Section. I was asked to pick a favourite city and discovered that nobody had covered the capital… Why London? A city is made by its people. My friends and family are all Londoners, and although I’ve lived in France and America I’m always […]