Monthly Archives: November 2009

No Sex Please, We’re Underground

They say a man thinks about sex every seven minutes, but London Underground has long been exercised by the thought of anyone thinking about sex on their platforms. I once spent the night gluing bits of paper over two thousand posters due for London Underground after their board decided it was too risque, and now […]

The Nuts & Bolts About Books

I like small books. They’re greener, more portable, cooler, easier to hold and more collectable. Last night I attempted to fall asleep reading a jumbo airport-bought novel and nearly knocked myself out when it slipped from my hand. Why don’t publishers restore the small format to balance eReaders and bring back this most desirable object? […]

Grooving With Comics

My friend Michael A Gonzales sends me a site that should have all old-school comics fans salivating. You just click on the pages to expand and read. A terrific reminder of how energetic and exciting comics were before they had to carry the burden of social issues here.

No More Money For Old Rope

This is a sad story. The legendary Indian rope trick is supposed to be a myth – the version of the story most commonly told has a young boy ascending the rope, only to vanish. The magician calls after the boy and, receiving no response, angrily climbs the rope himself. After he too vanishes, pieces […]

Don’t Post In Time For Christmas

As I wait here for deliveries, and am greeted by my unfailingly cheerful postie, I wonder how he must feel working for such a hopeless company. My local post office (popular, busy) was closed down. Now I have to go to what is probably the only hybrid Post Office/ knick-knack shop/ mobile phone unlocker/ chicken […]

Aspirational Shops

It was an English galleon best known for its global circumnavigation between 1577 and 1580, captained by Sir Francis Drake. But it’s also a chip shop off Marylebone High St.

If You Can’t Make A Film…

…make a film. That’s what my pal Dan Turner has done. After his first feature he hit the stumbling block many of us have faced – the fragmented, barely visible British film industry. Not letting this deter him, he made a drama anyway and put it on the web. You can check out his ‘Girl […]

Does Size Matter?

Google’s deal to make a vast amount of out-of-print material available online is coming into effect in the USA. Works from the US, Britain, Canada and Australia will be used, but under the proposals about 95 per cent of non-US books won’t be covered. Although the service will be available only in the US, Google […]

A Writer’s Life 3: Getting Ideas

One of the problems of writing from home is finding displacement activities. In an office you can go and talk to fellow workers. But in the last few years of being in an office (really a cross between an art studio and a private apartment) everyone was wearing headsets all day and staring at screens, […]

It Makes You Proud To Be English

Britain’s aspirations to become a spacefaring nation have inched closer as a bunch of worms from a Bristol rubbish dump boarded the Atlantis space shuttle at Cape Canaveral for a mission to a $100bn international space station. They will be studied in its weightless confines as research for scientists to explain how astronauts build and […]