Things You Could Wish Upon Tyler Brule


Is style guru Tyler Brule the world’s most annoying man? Impossible to get through one of his newspaper columns without being made to feel physically ill at the level of namedropping he manages, Brule builds lists of where to buy sesame-scented candles and macaroons in Paris, or why you must insist on buying hand-painted kid-skin shoes for your servants. Although a walk through the ocean of his soul wouldn’t get your feet wet, perhaps he could be rehabilitated by being sprayed with mud from a passing bus in South London in November, on the way to classes where he has to show angry homeless people how to survive on benefits.
Or am I just irritated by the fact that he always looks so perfect in his Financial Times column, when I’ve just woken up and caught sight of myself looking like I’ve spent the night been repeatedly hit with dustbin lids?
Either way, the world doesn’t need a new flavour of scented candle. Or a new shade of macaroon. But perhaps Mr Style could be usefully employed during the season teaching agoraphobics how to shop, or something.

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  1. Steve says:

    Perhaps he could be cursed by a Goddess to fall in love with his own reflection.
    Oh, wait – it’s been done.

    Are he and Simon Trowel cousins or something?

  2. olivered says:

    His photos are quite old, in real life he has put on a considerable amount of weight.

  3. Patrick says:

    He was surely grown in the same lab as the no less demoralising Tom Ford.

  4. admin says:

    I’d like to see him in a slapping contest with Tom Ford.

  5. Tony Quinn says:

    Great moody picture of Red Cross Way – one of the most fascinating streets in London. Though the rail bridge has been done up since with dotty light, the Cross Bones Yard is still there – and Tyler has been known to frequent nearby Brindisa!

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