Christmas In Madrid


Tis the season to be travelling to a European Christmas fair for gifts, and as I have old friends in Madrid, that’s where I am. Things I forgot about the place.
1. Nobody eats before 11pm
2. Nobody goes home before 3am
3. You can still smoke in restaurants and bars
4 Everybody, everywhere, at every age, talks about sex all the time

Madrid: Seafood, booze and ciggies at 9AM

Madrid: Seafood, booze and ciggies at 9AM

After Franco popped his clogs, the city’s vibrant artistic life blossomed, and Spaniards embraced the good life with a vengeance – the city’s seasonal lights fill every street (sadly not very capturable on my iPhone) and although there’s been a massive amount of regeneration there’s still a long way to go. The streets graffiti is worse than ever as European kids copy hip-hop tag styles. The working hours still reflect siesta time, but few sleep in the afternoon, which makes the work day very long – no wonder they party like maniacs.
Construction and graffiti

Construction and graffiti

It’s hard not to love a city where mothers and children are still out and about at midnight. Madrid’s street life is endlessly exciting but the grazing habit of eating every three hours hours comes as a bit of a shock to the system.
This shop is next door to a baby-clothes store

This shop is next door to a baby-clothes store

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    In Spain, I still remember seeing some of the frankest ‘blue films’ available on DVD in the average little stores where everything is sold. Honestly, everything: shoes, shirts, pens, hats, candles, pots & pans, decks of playing cards, magazines, sushi plates, dried pasta, cling wrap, crayons, Donkey Porn DVDs, sandals, belts… hold on… what was that in between the cribbage board and the earrings? …with a donkey?

    It’s like Spain’s a whole different country!

    …oh right.

    Cigars are affordable, though! Gotta love that!

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