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‘Forgotten Authors’, the column I write for the Independent On Sunday, is now appearing semi-regularly, whenever Katy Guest, the literary editor, can squeeze it in. One of the pleasures of writing this column is discovering authors I’ve never heard of, but who have been recommended to me by friends.
Lately, we’ve also been seeing the republication of some of the books I’ve mentioned, which is gratifying, and I sometimes get charming letters from the authors themselves, most recently Julia O’Faolain. Eventually I hope to gather together all these authors in a collection called ‘Invisible Ink’, which will also explore the reasons behind the disappearance of certain writers.

2 comments on “Invisible Ink Authors Become Visible”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    How wonderful to know that authors can be made to become available again!

  2. Helen Martin says:

    At book crossing last night there were three paperbacks of the Bryant and May series up for adoption. Discussion revealed an intense desire for others of the author’s work to be republished. Perhaps a column in the Forgotten Authors series would make some of those works available again, too. Just a suggestion.

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