The Circle Turns Tadpole


Party In Carriage Six!

Party In Carriage Six!

London Underground’s Circle Line is about to grow a tail connecting it to Hammersmith. Does this mean the end of the legendary late-night pop-up Christmas parties? Will Londoners find new places to throw their short-warning bashes? I’m available to try out any place in the central London area…although one visit to the sub-zero Ice Bar in Regent Street was enough. I dropped my change on the ice counter and the barman had to chisel it off. Cool ice sculptures, though. You can book here.
Author & friend Izabella in Ice Bar

Author & friend Izabella in Ice Bar

3 comments on “The Circle Turns Tadpole”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    I thought they out-lawed drinking on the Underground? Londoners are nothing if not entirely law-abiding, aren’t they? WEspecially when matters of drink are involved?

    [polite cough]

  2. I went once to the ice bar in Kemi (Finland), set inside the Lumilinna (Snow Castle) they build there is the winter. It was nice and quiet, and one can really appreciate a hot chocolate with Armagnac, there.

  3. “In the winter”. Not “is the winter”. Grmbl.

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