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My friend Michael A Gonzales sends me a site that should have all old-school comics fans salivating. You just click on the pages to expand and read. A terrific reminder of how energetic and exciting comics were before they had to carry the burden of social issues here.

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    If you keep this sort of campaign up, the space on shelves reserved for eventually locating copies of your old books will be taken up with old comics, you know…

  2. Actually, all these Sword & Sorcery titles are about contemporary with the brief “relevance” phase in comics, and what makes comics die out these days is not social issues (they couldn’t care less), but the fact that the people doing them seem to be frustrated film makers rather than adventurous comics artists. What used to be at most a three-issue story is now dragged out through sic or twelve issues of splash panels (the equivalent of SFX scenes in blockbusters) stuffed inside a dragging and padded plot.

    Mind you, these covers are striking, but at that time, there could be a lot of crap inside, as well…

  3. Mike Cane says:

    I stumbled across that site a few weeks ago. Forgot all about it. OMG, what a time sink. Atlas Comics! Wow, was that big news back at the time.

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