The Portable Office

London, Observatory

A new survey has revealed that on average Londoners carry £3,000 worth of gadgetry in their bags to work, including laptops, mobiles, car radio faceplates, music players, portable games consoles, Satnavs, Blackberrys etc. No mention of a book, but there’s always an eReader to contend with – except that so far commuters seem resistant to that step. I catch tube trains at least twice a day and have yet to see a single one. Maybe they’ll all suddenly appear after Christmas…

4 comments on “The Portable Office”

  1. Adam Williams says:

    I’ve always got a book in my work bag.
    Quite often it’s one the you’ve written Christopher.

  2. I.A.M. says:

    Sometimes it’s tough to tell when people are using their smartphone for checking e-mail, playing a game, texting, or actually reading a book on them. The software for ‘ShortCovers’ as well as ‘Stanzas’ have versions for Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm Pre, and so on. So… either someone next to you on the bus or tube is checking out their appointments on Google Calendar, or they’re learning about the Deptford Demon.

    …do we ever get to learn what that case is about, by the way?

  3. Helen Martin says:

    I have noticed a definite drop in the number of book readers since the free newspapers were introduced, but most of the electronically aligned are talking on the cell and often the person on this end is being upset by the person on the other end. Self preservation says that turning off the cell and reading about -say- the Deptford Demon would be far more relaxing. Who needs to start their day with a bad situation?

  4. Helen Martin says:

    A friend told me about an experience at Sat. morning breakfast out in Vancouver’s west end. The woman in the next booth was breakfasting with a friend but she had her laptop open on the table between them and was dealing with mail and other matters while they breakfasted. That seems a bit too much of multi-tasking.

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