Thirty Years Of Dirty

Christopher Fowler
VizStars It's hard to believe that Viz is thirty years old, and is now so venerable and respected that it's having its own exhibition at the Cartoon Museum in London's Bloomsbury. It succeeds because it largely remains a sort-of successor to Monty Python in its level of surreal shock, but if there was ever a test of being British, this is it. The humour is simultaneously clever, complex and filthy, and you have to appreciate the country's peculiar relationship to kids' comics, which were once delivered with the adult newspapers. A basic understanding of how the Beano, Eagle, Dandy and Buster work is required before you can filter modern events through this sensibility. The best example is when Black Bob and his Faithful Border Collie became Black Bag, the Faithful Border Binliner. Happy Birthday, Viz - here's the full article.
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For those who've not stared at a news-agent's selection lately, <i>Beano</i> is still made available to the public. It probably should have stopped years ago, but then so should Margaret Thatcher and she's still around…