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David Frankland is the artist behind the beautifully rendered covers of the Bryant & May books, but only the UK editions. I recently checked out his site and found a great many other stunning pieces of art he has produced for books. Frankland’s work follows a line of traditional styling via old railway posters and Heath Robinson to create something timeless. Check out his portfolio here.

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  1. Lovely work indeed. His fine covers for the hardback editions of B&M caught my eye right away. I thought at first he might be the artist who did some lovely covers for the HarperCollins paperback Agatha Christie at the beginning of the 90’s (annoyingly, the books give credit for the Christie pic, but not for the artist on the covers). As I don’t see any instance of those on the site, I have to assume it’s someone else.

    It’s quite a striking style when done right. And Frankland does it very right: that SMITH cover is gorgeous.

  2. martin says:

    As a consumer, I so much prefer the covers in Britain, that I will quite happily order the books from a UK bookstore- Usually Goldsboro- rather than spend the money in the US. The fact that I get the books more than a few months early is just a fringe benefit.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    There is always movement in his covers, even B&M who don’t exactly dash about, and the finely detailed silhouettes against the fantastic colours are wonderful. There were a couple of untitled pieces, like the Holywood one above, which made me think strongly of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. The overblown, brightly coloured style currently in use on those paperbacks gives just the right tone but Frankland’s style would certainly be an excellent alternative.

  4. Steve says:

    Fortunately whenever I buy your books Chris, I buy them when I’m in the UK, and the cover art has always been excellent.
    I suppose that’s another downside to e-readers; a well-rendered book is a work of art.

  5. Kevin Wilson says:

    I love his covers, and have always liked the old railway posters and other work in the same style. I find it astonishing that the American publishers think that a change is needed, or that the covers that they have picked will be more attractive to the public. Still, I’m not a publisher, so I guess they must know their business.

    That cover for Smith really is exquisite. Enough to make me buy the book for the art alone.

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