Comics 2:The Funniest British Shows


I find it hard to keep comedy out of the Bryant & May novels, but my sense of humour is very particular. Every decade has produced something wonderful, from Hancock to Python to Peep Show, and I’ve realised that while there were shows I hated (‘The Royle Family’) I best enjoy a surreal mix of physical comedy and acting. So here’s Mark Heap spectacularly failing to prove his suitability as a politician in the wonderful ‘Green Wing’ and Tony Hancock returning from holiday. What unites them across nearly fifty years is good writing and sincerity of performance.

3 comments on “Comics 2:The Funniest British Shows”

  1. David Read says:

    Father Ted or The Day Today in you good books?

  2. admin says:

    Father Ted. The Day Today was a US knock-off.

  3. David Read says:

    Didn’t realise that, I thought it was On The Hour for TV.

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