The Eye Of The Beholder


When I was a kid, the whole of London was black. Soot from the war had not been removed, so fifteen or so years later it remained. Add the low level of street lighting then, and you had an atmospheric, if rather sinister, city. While I hate vast impersonal glass blocks, there have been improvements, one of which is good lighting, as seen here.
OXO Building
This, though, is the new St Giles building in that weird bit of central London between St Giles Circus and Holborn. It’s enormous, and every panel is a different colour. The sides are bright yellow. It’s not finished yet, but is it taking the jolly colours thing too far?
St Giles
And while we’re on buildings, Here’s Graham Humphries’ photo of the ‘Santa Rosa Luxury Flats’, Blackpool, which misunderstands the term ‘Luxury’ somewhat. Although I always felt that the ‘Beverly Hills Hair Salon, King’s Cross’ was pushing its luck too.

3 comments on “The Eye Of The Beholder”

  1. Stan says:

    That multi-coloured building is a monstrosity – it looks like a cheap council block (made out of lego). I see it when I’m walking to Forbidden Planet from Tottenham Court Road station and I can’t help thinking that the designer should receive a lengthy prison term.

  2. I.A.M. says:

    A few posts ago we saw how Graham Humphries has a gift for making beauty from mundanity. In the image of the Santa Rosa Grande Palatzio Residences here, sadly, we see that his talents do have limits. What a shame.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Hallowe’en costumes, etc. are beginning to appear (along with Christmas eggnog!) and in the makeup department I saw a choice of nail polishes that exactly matched the colours of the St. Giles building. Perhaps the designer checked out the fashion colours for this fall before painting? It is ghastly.
    Comment: British cities are made of stone or brick with the same colour pallet running throughout large areas. The only colours are window trims and doors, with advertising posters and so on added. When I returned home to Canada last weekend one of the things I noticed was that all buildings here are coloured. I always thought it was to relieve the dark wet winters, but where did we get the idea? This is B r i t i s h Columbia, after all.

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